Pond Project 2000

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Click the stream for a close-up.
Installing the stream - 6-11-00
Winter has come and gone, it's time to expand the Pond Project.  Now we have the makings of a stream.  So the theory is this:  The water from the Pedestal pond will flow down a waterfall into the stream, which will flow (by waterfall) into a little pond, which will flow (hmmm... by waterfall?) into the original kidney shaped pond which started this whole thing.  As you can see, the rocks seem to be multiplying.   They do that in the winter.  Animals hibernate, rocks multiply.

Pond 6-14-00
Here you can see the small pond is complete above the first pond.  If you look carefully you can see Casper and Goldie, the two Koi.  If you name them, they come when you call them.  But what of the stream?

Stream Bed with liner 6-19-00
There it is!  Lined, but not yet functional.  You can't see it in the picture, but there is some creepy spray glue everywhere!  It was used to hold the liner in place.  No sense in having a stream that leaks.  Deanne even painted some of the excess glue to match the rocks.  Shhh... Don't tell anyone.

Water Hyacinth - 6-27-00

Stream 7-2-00

Pond - 7-14-00

Stream 7-14-00

Pond & Stream 7-17-00

There, now isn't that pretty?  I wonder what's coming in 2001!   Stay tuned for updates...


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